UNI.ME Down?


UNI.ME is down. According to the domains uni.me and cz.cc 

"The reason is that our previous datacenter unexpectedly suspended the service. Access should be back within the next days."

             I've seen this message for a couple days now. We are pretty sure this is due to the resources that the server managing the dns can handle.  One advantage to our service is the DNS is managed by the massive cloudflare network.  We're not sure when they will return. The last time something like this happened their was some extended downtime as I recall. 

             We are happy to announce that since the public beta opened, we haven’t had any client downtime!  We also plan to stick around a while, it never has made any sense to me why if the site is built, functions, and has a user base why you would shut it down.  If for any reason we do not want to do this anymore, we will let you know, and preferably we will just transfer ownership to another company.  But don’t worry! We have no plans of doing that. Ever!

            It is a shame when providers such as co.cc or uni.me go under. We have used them both at one point or another and even though we are now competition, we have great respect for their developers and wish them luck.


EDIT: It looks as though uni.me has returned to the internet once more!  Glad to hear! 


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