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Take a look and see if your name is available now using the box above, and register it today! Every account comes with unlimited domain names.

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Your domain names will be visible from all over the world optimized by cloudflare PRO, all for absolutely no cost for life! Registration and renewals will always be free.

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Managing is simple! Point to your names to your own site and server. Powered by Cloudflare PRO, your DNS will also include website preloader, auto mini js, css, html, always online and much more!

We've made the task of getting your no cost 4fd.us domain name online fast, using our simple system! But why stop at domain names? Why not speed up the internet! That's why we've also optimized the site your domain points to and decreased your pages load times by passing it through a cloudflare PRO account.

Why should I choose to use your free domains service?

We have absolutely no hidden costs, no time limits, no ads on your site, no hit requirements, no surveys, and renewals will always be free. Our domains are NOT banned by Google either.

We optimize our free domain names through a cloudflare pro account, and pass that along to your site at zero cost.

Why would we do this?
We used co.cc for several personal projects, they choose not to announce their shutdown so we decided to start our own using the cloudflare platform for DNS. What are you waiting for?! Come register your name with 4 Free Domains today!

What is this Cloudflare thing anyway?
CloudFlare is a company which provides a content delivery network and distributed domain name server, sitting between the visitor and the CloudFlare user's hosting provider, thus acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

The service provides security, as well as improving website performance and speed. Cloudflare protects, speeds up, and improves availability for a website or mobile application with a simple change in DNS. Normally $20/month, free with your new domain name!

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