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Because your privacy is important to us, we are committed to protect your privacy and to develop technology that gives you a powerful and safe online experience.

The 4FD.US Network (4FD.US) collects information of visitors to it's network of sites, including the domain name, visited pages, referring URLs, and other publicly available information. 4FD.US uses this information,which does not personally identify you, to help improve its web site and services, and to customize the content of its pages for each individual consumer. Generally, this information is collected through "traffic data" and may entail the use of "Cookies", "IP addresses" or other numeric codes used to identify a computer.

4FD.US maintains a database of member information which is used in the WhoIs database and for internal purposes such as demographic statistics, to display appropriate individualized advertisements, technical support and notifying members of changes or enhancements to this service, new services and products that may be of interest to them.

4FD.US members may update their personal information at any time from within their 4FD.US accounts by going to the 'My Account' option at http://www.registry.4FD.US.

Any 4FD.US member may cancel their membership at any time by deleting all domains under his account and by clicking on the 'Delete Account' link, which expresses the agreement to delete his record from our database. When an account is cancelled, all user information is removed from the 4FD.US system related to that account.

4FD.US does not sell or commercially make available specific information about its users or members, except in cooperation with law enforcement bodies in regards to content violations or violations of applicable laws.

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